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Vicky and I this year have lost a Nephew, Brother and Mother since December, this has taken a great toll on our daily lives and continues to do so. As restaurateurs you have to be fully committed to the industry due to the high energy and long hours needed, our team at the restaurant have been providing immense support to attempt to take up the tasks of Vicky and I not being in attendance. This has provided additional pressure on them to which a normal day is pressure enough.

Unfortunately in an Industry that is struggling for experienced staff and in particular experienced managers of which we have tried to recruit and failed to find a suitable candidate, the decision was reached yesterday that at present The Dean cannot operate and provide a service to a level that Vicky and I and the staff strive to provide.

Therefore it is with a very saddened and heavy heart that the doors are now closed.

All bookings will receive automatic refunds in priority of booking through the booking system, this can take a little while but will arrive within 21 days.

All suppliers will be contacted to arrange payment of the accounts to which we have been immensely grateful of the efforts made to ensure the best produce possible was sourced.

To our customers who have enjoyed our offering of something different, thank you for the support, we have enjoyed making new friends.

To our staff, who are much more than that, your know how Vicky and I feel about you all.

All social media will be removed in 48 hours, messages will not now be monitored, we are well aware of the wonders of social media but also the negativity of which we do not have the stomach for at present. St Helens as a town has been static enough for a long time, the independent investment at the moment is staggering. Luxor Group, Ian Pitts, many another independent slowly opening up the town centre we wish you every success.

Its not been an easy 3 years with the arrival of the pandemic however we can firmly state that this has been a choice for the health of Vicky and I who are at present hurting deeply.

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